The Evangelic Church

The Evangelic Church of Saschiz was built at the end of the XV th century (between 1493 - 1496) by the Saxon colonists. The monument is very impressive due to its huge proportions and to the way that the fortifying elements have been adapted to the shape of a church building. Above the choir there is a fortified floor as well as a watch road above the great arches. From the outside, the church appears to be a bulwark, but the defensive destination of the monument is surpassed by the beauty of its gothic elements of architecture: huge arches, massive buttress and decorative elements made out of stone or bricks. Due to the significant distance between the centre of the village and the hill on which the Saxon fortress was built, over the years, the fortified Evangelic church became the main refuge for the inhabitants of Saschiz.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower from Saschiz is one of Transylvania’s most beautiful medieval monuments that belongs, as well as the fortified church, to the Saxon architecture of the XVth century. Even today, the Tower marks the centre of Saschiz. Its defensive destination is obvious and we can still see the 12 skylights and the four little towers on the corners. The roof’s decoration and shape clearly indicate the tower which served as a model to its builders, that is the Clock Tower from Sighisoara. Today everybody can admire the Evangelic Church and the Clock Tower only a few meters away from the European road (E60) that crosses the centre of Saschiz.

The Saxon Fortress

The Saxon Fortress that still dominates Saschiz is another trace left by the restless times of the Middle-Ages. It was built during the XIV th century on a hill at 2 km from the centre of the village and its destination was to protect the inhabitants of Saschiz (and other six neighboring villages that helped to its building) from destructive attacks. The Saxon community was, once again, the builder of this monument and therefore, we have to notice that they used to built fortresses around the church from the centre of their settlements and not so far away, feature that makes the Saschiz fortress a special one among the other Saxon constructions.

Work started in 1347, as an inscription on the North-Western wall clearly indicates. On the same wall (7 to 9 meters tall) there were built the four corner towers and the two gate towers, all with a definite watch and defense purpose. The names of those towers – the School Tower, the Munitions Tower, the Voivode Tower, the Priests Tower and the Guard Tower – show how well the community was organized at the time. Inside the fortress there was a chapel, now a beautiful ruin. The only actual remain is the 65m deep fountain that it is said to connect, by a tunnel, the precincts with the centre of the village.



As for its architecture, the fortress belongs to the end of the Romanic style towards the beginning of the Gothic style (it was finished in the XIV th century). But all the architectural details are over fulfilled by the ruin’s own beauty, which projects its ghostly shape over the trees that guard the access route, inviting the passers-by to set free their imagination among the walls of the medieval fortress.

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